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Todd headshot circle The same tips our students use to land $100K+ jobs without perfect GPAs or relevant experience

How To Become An Investment Banker (Without ANY Experience in 2023)

And most likely you’ve gotten flakey articles with little to no substance on how to break into investment banking.

We’re here to change that.

This is an overly detailed, step-by-step guide to teach you exactly what you need to do to land a job in investment banking.

More importantly, each section is personalized for you based on where you are in your education or career.

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As a senior with no banking internships and an average GPA, I knew the odds were stacked against me. After going through, I was more than prepared to flaunt my financial acumen in my interviews and was fortunate enough to land a position at a boutique firm!

Anthony headshot circleAnthony
Investment Banking Analyst, Cypress Associates